APPENDIX IV: ADDITIONAL REFERENCES – Food and Drink – Good Manufacturing Practice, 7th Edition


This appendix provides some references to standards and topics relevant to good manufacturing practice (GMP) and its management. The sheer volume of the publications available makes it impractical for the list to be exhaustive either in scope or within subject.

BRC Global Standard for Food Safety: Issue 7 The British Retail Consortium, The Stationery Office, July 2015. Other guidance available at the TSO website.

Standards referred to in the Guide include:

  • BS EN 1276:2009. Chemical disinfectants and antiseptics. Quantitative suspension test for the evaluation of bactericidal activity of chemical disinfectants and antiseptics used in food, industrial, domestic, and institutional areas. Test method and requirements (phase 2, step 1). May 2010.
  • BS EN 13697:2015. Chemical disinfectants and antiseptics. Quantitative non‐porous surface test for the evaluation of bactericidal and/or fungicidal activity of chemical disinfectants used in food, industrial, domestic and institutional areas. Test methods and requirements without mechanical action. April 2015.
  • BS EN 1499‐2013. Chemical disinfectants and antiseptics – Hygienic hand‐wash – Test method and requirements (phase 2/step 2). May 2013.
  • BS EN 1500:2013. Chemical disinfectants and antiseptics. Hygienic handrub. Test methods and requirements (phase 2/step 2). May 2013.
  • BS EN ISO 19011:2001. Guidelines for auditing management systems. November 2011.
  • BS EN ISO 22000:2005. Food safety management systems. Requirements for any organisation in the food chain. May 2005.
  • BS EN ISO 27000:2017. Information technology. Security techniques. Information security management systems. Overview and vocabulary. February 2016.
  • BS EN ISO 31000:2009. Risk Management. Principles and Guidelines. March 2010.
  • BS ISO 28000:2007. Specification for security management systems for the supply chain. December 2007.
  • BS EN ISO 9001:2015. Quality management systems. Requirements. September 2015.

Campden BRI produce a large range of books, guidelines and research reports for every area of food manufacturing. Available at These include:

  • Food safety plans: principles and basic system requirements. 2016. Guideline G76. ISBN 9780907503880.
  • Guidelines for preventing hair contamination of food – advice on head coverings. 2006. Guideline G48. ISBN 0905942779.
  • Guidelines for the hygienic design, construction and layout of food processing factories. 2003. Guideline G39. ISBN 0905942574.
  • HACCP: A practical guide, 5th edition. 2015. Guideline G42. ISBN 9780907503828.
  • HACCP Auditing Standard, 3rd edition. 2015. Standard. ISBN 9780907503835.
  • Hand hygiene: Guidelines for best practice. 2009. Guideline G62. ISBN 9780907503606.
  • TACCP (Threat Assessment and Critical Control Point): a practical guide. 2014. Guideline G72. ISBN 9780907503774.

The Chilled Foods Association produce a range of guidelines. Available at These include:

  • Best Practice Guidelines for the Production of Chilled Food, 4th edition. The Stationery Office, London, 2006.
  • Microbiological Testing and Interpretation Guidance, 2nd edition. 2016.
  • Microbiological Guidance for Produce Suppliers to Chilled Food Manufacturers. Micro Guidance for Growers (MGG3), 3rd edition. 2016.
  • Food Safety and Hygiene Training Guidance in a Multicultural Environment, 2nd edition. 2016.
  • Water Quality Management Guidance, 3rd edition. 2017.

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Food Handlers: Fitness to work regulatory guidance and best practice advice for food business operators. Food Standards Agency, 2009. Available at

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