Author’s Note – Customer CEO: How to Profit from the Power of Your Customers


I know you could have selected many other fine business books to read so I am deeply honored you have chosen to spend some of your valuable time with Customer CEO. I trust that some of the stories I will tell you, and the ideas in them, will help you know your customers better. If you do, I guarantee you will profit by building a deeper relationship with them.

By purchasing this book, you are also partnering with me to help provide the equivalent of a lifetime of fresh drinking water to a family in desperate need of safe water in the developing world. Did you realize that more than 1.1 billion people (around one in eight of the world’s population) are without access to safe water? Every day, women and children face the hardship of collecting water from long distances for their families. This filthy, contaminated water endangers lives and prevents children from growing up into strong, healthy adults. For every 500 copies of Customer CEO sold, I will provide a family with a Compassion’s Water of Life clean water system. That’s over 1 million gallons for a child and his or her family. Read more about this lifesaving mission at our website

Here’s to your great success in the coming years. May you have as much fun reading Customer CEO as I did writing it. And thank you for also making a real difference with Water of Life. Thanks.

Chuck Wall
February 2013