B. Editing One Site on Two Macs – Take Control of iWeb: iLife ’06 Edition

Appendix B. Editing One Site on Two Macs

You may encounter a situation where, for instance, you normally work on a Web site on your desktop Mac, but you occasionally want to edit it on your Mac Book Pro while you’re on the road. Once you have iWeb installed and have launched the application at least once on both computers, all it takes is a way to transfer a large file between two computers.

  1. Locate the file called Domain in your user folder, in ~/Library/ Application Support/iWeb/.

    iWeb saves all your Web sites in a single file called Domain: whether you have just one Web site or many, they’ll all be in the Domain file.

  2. Open a network connection to the destination computer, or—if you plan to use a disc to make the transfer, burn Domain to the disc.

  3. On the destination computer, rename the Domain file to Old Domain. That way, if your file is somehow damaged in transit, you still have a good copy.

  4. Copy Domain to the /user folder/Library/Application Support/iWeb/ folder on the destination computer.

Now when you open iWeb on the destination Mac, you’ll see all your Web sites. Edit your sites on the other Mac, and then reverse the process when you want to resume editing your Web sites on the original Macintosh.


Backing up important files is always a good idea. After you’ve put a lot of time and effort into creating your Web site, the last thing you’ll want to do is start all over again if your hard drive fails or a file is corrupted. You can back up Domain to another hard drive or burn it to CD-ROM or DVD-ROM to provide insurance against a computer catastrophe.