Calendar Straddle – The Option Strategy Desk Reference

Calendar Straddle

Strategy: Sell n ATM Calls, 56 DTE

Buy n ATM Calls, Expire 90 DTE;

Sell n ATM Puts, Expire 56 DTE

Buy n ATM Puts, Expire 90 DTE


Price Chart: Uptrending (Example shows short options one strike below long options.)

Current IV%: 60%

IV Rank: 70

Trade: Sell n ATM put and call options that expire 56 DTE (20 to 30 DTE is typical); buy n ATM put and call options that expire 90 DTE.

Typical Strike Deltas:

ATM Long Call 0.50 Delta

ATM Long Put 0.50 Delta

ATM Short Call 0.50 Delta

ATM Short Put 0.50 Delta

Goals: This trade relies on Theta to reduce the premium values of the shorter-term short call and short put options faster than the loss in premium value of the longer-term long call and long put options. A strong move in either direction will benefit one of the long and short options, while the two losing options are closed to limit their loss in premium values.

Manage: When a price rally or drop occurs, close the losing long and short options. Keep the profitable long option as it moves deeper ITM and the profitable short option as it moves farther OTM.

Profit: Close when total original premium achieves 30 to 60 percent.

Loss: Close if an unexpected price reversal occurs and the remaining long and short option premium is lesser than or equal to 8 percent.