Chapter 11: Ahead – Information Consulting



Don’t let the veterans’ tips leave you feeling worried that consulting could entail some tricky dilemmas. Let the positive feedback of clients and their satisfaction with the work of the information professionals guide you through the challenges.

Let’s sum up why so many consultants thoroughly enjoy their work - and regret only that they didn’t start sooner:

 It is immensely rewarding to ‘go to the nth degree’ in working towards a solution, turnaround or success for a client. The sense of accomplishment goes beyond what many jobs can generate.

 Many consultants ‘can’t wait to get to work’ because they are genuinely committed to a project. In fact, they say much of what they do doesn’t even feel like work because they enjoy giving of their expertise.

 The relationships forged while engaged in a project can turn into lifelong professional friendships; these relationships can also turn into added value as time goes on and your connections allow you to put others in touch. It is very positive to arrange a contact and see it blossom into a new relationship which, in turn, helps strengthen the social networks that make things happen.

 Life takes on added depth and interest because of the people each new project allows you to meet. You can observe infinite detail and variation in how others approach tasks, interact and communicate, and the more you see, the more acute your own abilities become. With every new insight into the behaviour of others, you become more nuanced as a person yourself, both professionally and personally.

 You usually become happier as your consulting career progresses. A growing chain of successes gives you a confidence and an ease that spills over into your personal life. Those close to you are likely to agree that any hard- work investment made in the beginning has paid off richly later on in the form of much greater contentment.

In short – give it your best shot. You deserve it.