Chapter 13: Mock Exam (A and B) – Microsoft Exam MD-100 Windows 10 Certification Guide

Chapter 13: Mock Exam (A and B)

You must have learned about many new topics after reading through these chapters and gained insightful knowledge about Windows 10 and its components.

In this mock exam, we will be looking at questions regarding everything that you've learned by reading the chapters of this book. This will help you test your knowledge and will make you ready for the real MD-100: Windows 10 exam. The mock exam has been divided into two sections: Mock exam A and Mock exam B.

The mock exam has a total of 40 questions. The answers to all the questions in this mock exam can be found in the Assessment section of the back matter of this book.

Let's start with exam A first, which provides test questions from Chapter 1, Deploying Windows 10, to Chapter 7, Securing Data and Applications.

Mock exam A

  1. You are an IT support professional in a well-renowned organization and your company has upgraded 60,000 computers to Windows 10 Enterprise successfully. What amount of time, in months, will Microsoft offer support for?

    a. 12

    b. 18

    c. 24

    d. 30

  2. Where can we find the settings/configuration for what happens when the lid closes on a Windows 10 device?

    a. Display options

    b. Power plans

    c. Ease of Access

    d. USB settings

  3. Suppose you have a computer that runs on the Windows 10 Operating System (OS). When you open the Control Panel, which items can you expect to see in the Category view? (select three answers)

    a. System and Security

    b. Appearance and Personalization

    c. Time & Language

    d. Ease of Access

    e. Network Security

  4. If you want to remove the Gaming option from the Windows Settings app, which of the following options would help you accomplish this?

    a. Uninstalling Solitaire.

    b. Creating a group policy that hides the Gaming option.

    c. Right-clicking the Gaming option and selecting Hide from view.

    d. Removing the Gaming tile in the Notification and actions page.

    e. Logging in with a work or school account.

  5. Suppose you are a support technician at a retail computer store. A customer has just requested that you upgrade their computer to Windows 10 Home. First, you need to verify whether the computer can be upgraded or not. Which Windows editions can be upgraded to Windows 10 Home? (select four answers)

    a. Windows 8/8.1

    b. Windows RT

    c. Windows 7 Ultimate

    d. Windows 7 Starter

    e. Windows 7 Home Basic

    f. Windows 7 Education

    g. Windows 7 Home Premium

  6. If your organization has developed custom Windows Store apps, you will need to install them. What can you use to install them?

    a. Windows Store

    b. Windows Installer Package

    c. Sideloading

    d. Group Policy

  7. Regarding the benefits of Windows 10, which of the following statements is not true?

    a. Support for touch

    b. Easier to use

    c. Updates occur less frequently

    d. Performance improvements

    e. Consistent user interface and Universal Windows apps

  8. Suppose the sales personnel in your organization use a variety of Windows 10 computers and devices. When using their desktop computers, which tile is not displayed in the Action Center?

    a. Rotation lock

    b. Tablet mode

    c. Connect

    d. VPN

    e. Location

    f. None of the above

  9. You are a desktop support technician for your organization and you need to create a bootable version of Windows on a USB drive. Which Windows editions support the Windows To Go Creator feature? (select two answers)

    a. Windows 8 Pro

    b. Windows 8 Enterprise

    c. Windows 8.1 Pro

    d. Windows 8.1 Enterprise

    e. Windows 10 Pro

    f. Windows 10 Enterprise

  10. Suppose you support 500 computers that run a mix of Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. As an IT support professional, you are aware that device drivers are specific to the family of Windows operating systems. You need to view the list of installed device drivers on the Windows 10 computers. Which tool would you use to do this?

    a. Driverlist.exe

    b. Driverquery.exe

    c. Drivers.exe

    d. None of the above

  11. Which of the following statements are true when referring to New Technology File System (NTFS) compression? (select three answers)

    a. Compression is an attribute of a file or folder.

    b. Volumes, folders, and files on an NTFS volume are either compressed or uncompressed.

    c. New files created in a compressed folder are not compressed by default.

    d. Compressed files or folders cannot be deleted until they are uncompressed.

    e. When you open a compressed file, the Windows OS automatically decompresses it for you.

    f. The compression state of a folder reflects the compression state of the files within that folder.

  12. Suppose you are an IT support professional for the sales team in your organization. The sales team members need to easily project their Personal Computers' (PC's) screens to their customers' TVs and projectors. You plan to recommend Miracast. Which of the following is not an option when using Miracast?

    a. Mute screen

    b. Duplicate

    c. PC screen only

    d. Extend

    e. Disconnect

    f. Second screen only

  13. You are configuring the storage for a Windows 10 computer. You format a 32 GB volume with FAT32. What is the maximum file size supported on this volume?

    a. 16 Exabytes

    b. 8 GB

    c. 4 GB

    d. 16 GB

    e. 2 GB

  14. When signing into a web application, your users are asked if they want to store their password. You have identified that this password will be stored for future use in Credential Manager on their PCs. Which of the following statements is not true regarding Credential Manager?

    a. It saves the credentials entered by the users when accessing other computers and resources on local networks.

    b. Credential Manager is disabled by default on non-domain joined computers.

    c. It can be used to back up and restore credentials.

    d. It is built into Windows 10 Control Panel.

  15. Suppose your organization has created several security groups. You need to assign permissions to one of the security groups that will allow the group members to see folder content, read files, and start programs. What are the minimum permissions that you must assign?

    a. Modify

    b. Read and execute

    c. Read

    d. Write

    e. Full Control

  16. As an IT support professional, you need to create a network share that can be used by the executives. The folder that you are sharing is on a Resilient File System (ReFS) volume. Which of the following are features that you can take advantage of? (select two answers)

    a. Auditing

    b. Compression

    c. Encrypting File System (EFS) encryption

    d. Quota

    e. Security

    f. Volume shrinking

  17. Suppose you need to set up an account that will be used to log on to a Windows 10 PC. This account needs to be able to synchronize files with OneDrive. What type of account do you need to create to do this?

    a. Domain account

    b. Local account

    c. Microsoft account

    d. None of the above

  18. Suppose you are configuring a 64-bit Windows 10 Enterprise computer. Your organization discourages the use of weak passwords and storing passwords insecurely. Which of the following features can securely store OS secrets and prevent hackers from accessing them, even if the machine is already compromised?

    a. Windows Hello

    b. Credential Guard

    c. Encrypted File System

    d. None of the above

  19. When troubleshooting hardware and drivers, which of the following registry hives is the one that you will likely edit the most?






  20. Suppose your organization is in the process of migrating users to Office 365. You have a mix of Windows 10 editions deployed. You are required to provide conditional access and Single Sign-On (SSO) from anywhere for the Office 365 users using Domain Join with Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). Which of the following Windows OS versions will support this?

    a. Windows 10 Pro

    b. Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Enterprise

    c. Windows 10 Enterprise

    d. None of the above

    Now, let's move on to exam B, which contains questions from Chapter 8, Configuring Various Networks, to Chapter 12, Managing Logfiles.

    Mock exam B

  21. As an IT support professional, you have been assigned 25 Windows 10 computers in a workgroup. The computers receive a Microsoft Windows 10 update on patch Tuesday. One of the computers did not get the previous month's Windows update. What will happen when you try to apply the current month's update to that computer?

    a. The update will fail. You will have to install last month's update manually first.

    b. The update will complete, but the computer will be missing last month's updates.

    c. Last month's update will be downloaded and installed first, and then the current update will install automatically.

    d. The update will succeed because it is cumulative.

  22. Suppose you need to approve and deploy updates after you've tested them, but not immediately after Microsoft has released them. Which tool allows you to do this from a centralized cloud-based service?

    a. System Center Configuration Manager

    b. Microsoft Intune

    c. Windows Updates

    d. Windows Server Update Server

    e. None of the above

  23. You need to view both updates that have been applied and those that have failed to be applied. Where can you see the list of updates on a Windows 10 computer?

    a. Update log

    b. Check for updates

    c. Update history

    d. Task Manager

    e. Event Viewer

  24. Windows PowerShell has several characteristics that make it ideal for local and remote management of one or more Windows 10 devices. As an IT support professional, you want to be familiar with this tool. Which one of the following options provides Windows PowerShell's main functionality?

    a. Graphical User Interface (GUI)

    b. Commands

    c. Processors

    d. Active Directory

  25. Suppose users in the marketing department have specialized printers connected directly to their Windows 10 desktop computers. One of the marketing users' computer has several print jobs that have failed to print. Which tool can you use to manage printing on this user's computer? (select three answers)

    a. Device and Printers

    b. Print Management Console

    c. Print Server

    d. PrintManagement PowerShell cmdlets

    e. Windows Management Console

    f. Device Manager

  26. Suppose you have a computer that runs on Windows 10 OS. You need to reset the computer. What can you do by using the Reset this PC feature? (select three answers)

    a. You can remove specific files.

    b. You can remove everything.

    c. You can restore from a backup.

    d. You can return/restore a device to its initial state.

    e. You can choose to keep your files.

  27. Suppose the users that work from home for your organization need to be configured to defer Windows Updates. These computers have not joined to a domain. How can you manually configure these machines for the Semi-Annual Channel?

    a. Use a Group Policy

    b. Use the Settings app

    c. Use Windows Server Update Services

    d. Use Home Device Manager

  28. Your organization recently upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 8.1 and you want to use a familiar, wizard-driven tool to configure wired and wireless connections. Which tool should you use?

    a. Network & Internet

    b. Network and Sharing Center

    c. Network Setup Wizard

    d. Windows PowerShell

  29. Suppose your organization has recently upgraded its wireless network access points. Wireless security is the main driver for the upgrade. Which of the following forms of wireless security should you avoid using when connecting your wireless devices?

    a. Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 (WPA 2)

    b. Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP)

    c. Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA)

    d. All three should be avoided

  30. You are configuring a Windows 10 computer's firewall and you need to keep the computer from being visible to other computers. Which one of the following network location profiles should you select?

    a. Domain networks

    b. Private networks

    c. Guest or public networks

    d. None of the above

  31. Suppose you are using the New Connection Security Rule wizard in Windows Firewall. Your organization requires the strongest level of authentication possible. However, you must not block connections if a remote computer fails to authenticate. Which one of the following options should you specify?

    a. Require authentication for an inbound and outbound connection

    b. Do not authenticate

    c. Require authentication for inbound connections and request authentication for outbound connections

    d. Request authentication for inbound and outbound connections

  32. What criteria can you use to configure a firewall so that it blocks or allows traffic?

    a. Traffic source address

    b. Traffic source subnet

    c. Traffic source router

    d. Traffic source user

    e. All the above

  33. You are preparing to troubleshoot a user's computer and you plan to gather information about the problem using the tools available on the computer. Which one of the following tools is not included in Windows 10?

    a. Reliability History

    b. Message Analyzer

    c. Event Viewer

    d. Task Manager

    e. All of the above are included

  34. To protect your organization's data, you enabled System Restore points on your users' Windows 10 computers. System Restore points will be created automatically when which of the following actions occur? (select three answers)

    a. You install a new application or driver

    b. You change your password

    c. You remove programs

    d. You perform a backup

    e. You install updates

  35. A user reports a problem regarding application failures and the user has indicated that this is not the first time they have experienced issues with this application. Which of the tools provided in Windows 10 can create a problem report that you can use to troubleshoot this application?

    a. Process Explorer

    b. Task Manager

    c. Event Viewer

    d. Message Analyzer

    e. Reliability History

    f. None of the above

  36. Suppose users are reporting desktop app operation issues. You create a log and categorize these issues and you confirm that some users do not have access to a newly deployed application. Also, you suspect that file permissions might be insufficient. What is the most likely cause of this issue?

    a. Missing application features

    b. Poor performance

    c. Incorrect configuration

    d. Incorrect database connection settings

    e. None of the above

  37. Suppose you are troubleshooting a Windows 10 computer and you need to stop a process and its dependencies. Then, you open Task Manager. Which feature in Task Manager will allow you to stop a process tree?

    a. Processes

    b. Details

    c. Performance

    d. Services

    e. None of the above

  38. Suppose you are troubleshooting a Windows 10 computer and you open the Event Viewer to review each of the logs. Which of the following is not a type of event logged by Windows 10?

    a. Critical events

    b. Information events

    c. Warning events

    d. Error events

    e. System events

  39. You need to launch the Windows Recovery Environment. Which of the following options are the methods that you can perform? (select three answers)

    a. Reboot and press the F8 key before Windows starts to load.

    b. Boot using recovery media.

    c. From the login screen, click Shutdown, then hold down the Shift key while selecting Restart.

    d. In the Windows 10 Settings app, under Update & Security, select Recovery | Restart now under Advanced Startup.

  40. Suppose you are troubleshooting a Windows 10 computer in which the Windows Store app cannot connect to the store. You have run the Apps troubleshooter but still experience the issue. What should you try next?

    a. Make sure your applications are up to date.

    b. Configure Windows Firewall rules so that the application functions properly.

    c. Clear the Windows Store cache.

    d. Synchronize application licenses.

That's all, guys! I wish you the best of luck for the exam. Good luck! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.