Chapter 5: Emerging Trends – Security Testing Handbook for Banking Applications

As more economic activity is performed over
interconnected networks, the sophistication of applications
is increasing; at the same time, attacks are also increasing in
Emerging landscape of applications
Traditional Internet applications are getting a facelift today
with rich Internet applications. Commonly known as ‘Web
2.0’ applications, these applications support a rich browser-
based interface using JavaScript libraries in the browser.
These applications (also called Ajax applications –
asynchronous JavaScript and XML – to show their
foundation in JavaScript libraries) allow incremental page
updates, and user interface features commonly associated
with thick-client applications.
Web 2.0 applications also enable greater interactivity
between users and applications. Applications themselves
may be ‘mashed up’ from disparate applications. Web 2.0
applications allow users to interact easily and flexibly with
other users and applications.
New generation of applications also use richer media like
to enable greater interactivity and smoother
user experience.
Web 2.0 also brings applications to a greater range of
devices beyond the traditional computer. The mobile phone
is becoming an increasingly popular platform for Web 2.0