Chapter 6: Check, Please! – Jump Start Web Performance

Chapter 6: Check, Please!

I hope you’re feeling full after your extensive buffet of performance delicacies. Not all dishes will have been to your taste, but you should have found a few recipes to try.

The main reason we don’t have a fast and responsive web is because we let it become slow and bloated. Performance is rarely given equal priority with other features. In most cases, it’s never even acknowledged until someone complains about speed. Like SEO or usability, it’s possible to improve performance toward the end of a project—but it’s far more effective to implement it from the start.

Software development is a complex process, and it will always be possible to make optimizations. However, if you target the big, easy wins first, the tougher refactoring or rewrites will become less necessary. Ideally, you should consider performance every time you add a feature or asset to your site or application. It will make you a more conscientious developer and will win the respect of your peers and users.

Let’s strive to build a better web!

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