Choose Music—Via a Screensaver – Mac Kung Fu, 2nd Edition

Tip 284Choose Music—Via a Screensaver

The iTunes Artwork screensaver is built into OS X and can be chosen using the Desktop & Screen Saver pane within System Preferences (Apple menuSystem Preferences). However, it has a feature that elevates it above a mere display of album cover art—hovering your mouse over an individual cover image will reveal a play button, allowing you to start playing that album (or start the track if the image represents a single song). It doesn’t matter if iTunes is not already running—clicking the Play button will start iTunes in the background. If iTunes is already playing music, your selected track will override it.

To quit the screensaver, click the Exit button at the bottom right or hit any key.

Note that if you performed a clean install of OS X Mountain Lion, rather than an upgrade from Lion, the iTunes Artwork screensaver will not be installed on your system.