Contents – Optical Methods for Data Processing in Heat and Fluid Flow



Section 1 Doppler Anemonmetry

Chapter 1 Comparison of Injector Sprays for Gasoline Direct-injection Engines

J Allen, J Heath, G Pitcher, G Hargrave, and G Wigley

Chapter 2 Application of Laser Doppler Anemometry and Infrared Thermograph Methods for Measurements of Fluid Flow in a Small Transonic Channel

R Dizene, E Dorignac, R Leblanc, and J M Charbonnier

Chapter 3 An Experimental Investigation of the Flow Produced in a Rectangular Container by a Rotating Disc using LDA

V G Meledin, I V Naumov, and V A Pavlov

Chapter 4 The Design, Development, and Preliminary Results from a High-speed, Optically Accessed, Single-cylinder Engine

G Pitcher, P Williams, J Allen, and G Wigley

Section 2 Laser Speckle and Holography

Chapter 5 The Reflected Spectrum of Complex Multi-layered Inhomogeneous Highly Scattering Medium

I V Meglinsky and S J Matcher

Chapter 6 Digital Speckle Photography Applied to in Vivo Blood Micro-circulation Monitoring

N Fomin, C Fuentes, J-B Saulnier, and J-L Tuhault

Chapter 7 Development of Full-volume Digital Holography for Particle Measurement

S Murata and N Yasuda

Chapter 8 A Particle Imaging and Analysis System for Underwater Holograms

J J Nebrensky, G Craig, G L Foresti, S Gentili, P R Hobson, H Nareid, G G Pieroni, and J Watson

Section 3 Fluorescence, Phospherence, and Liquid Crystals

Chapter 9 The Application of LIF to Study the Dispersion of a Surface Film due to Wave Breaking using a Two-camera System

T Schlicke, A D Arnott, J M Buick, C A Greated, and N H Thomas

Chapter 10 Thermographic Phosphor Thermometry – Recent Developments for Applications in Gas Turbines

J P Feist, A L Heyes, K L Choy, and J R Nicholls

Chapter 11 Improved Liquid Crystal Thermography by using True-colour Image Processing Technology

M Wierzbowski, M Ciofalo, and J Stasiek

Chapter 12 Development of an Optical Measuring Technique for the Study of Acoustical Phenomena

J M Buick, J A Cosgrove, D M Campbell, and C A Greated

Chapter 13 A Study of the Flow Structure in the Near-wall Region of a Complex-shaped Channel using Liquid Crystals

G M Zharkova, V N Kovrizhina, and V M Khachaturyan

Section 4 PIV

Chapter 14 Spatio-temporal Reconstruction of the Unsteady Wake of Axi-symmetric Bluff Bodies via Time-recording DPIV

C Brücker

Chapter 15 The Measurement of the Velocity Field around a Ship Hull Model in a Towing Tank using PIV Method

J Dekowski, M Kocik, J Podliński, J Wasilewski, J Mizeraczyk, L Wilczyński, J Kanar, and J Stąsiek

Chapter 16 Velocity Measurements in Impinging Turbulent Jets using Digital Particle Image Velocimetry

M Fairweather, G K Hargrave, and T C Williams

Chapter 17 Application of Particle Image Velocimetry to Helicopter Vortex Interactions

R B Green and C J Doolan

Section 5 Multi-phase flow analysis

Chapter 18 Recognition of Two-phase Flow Patterns with the use of Dynamic Image Analysis

R Ulbrich, M Krótkiewicz, N Szmolke, S Anweiler, M Masiukiewicz, and D Zając

Chapter 19 Gas/Liquid Mixing: Simultaneous PIV Measurements of Two Phases Mixing Together; High-pressure Spray Application

T Boëdec and S Simoëns

Chapter 20 Flame Visualization Enhancement by Image Processing

W B Ng, K Y Cheung, and Y Zhang

Chapter 21 Optical Diagnostics – Automatic Data Processing and Application in Fundamental Studies and Control Systems

V S Abrukov, I V Andreev, and P V Deltsov

Chapter 22 Application of Physical Modelling to Study Combustion Processes and Flow Patterns in Large-scale Boilers and Furnaces.

J Baranski, W Blasiak, and J Stąsiek

Chapter 23 Pulsed Laser Particle Image Velocimetry using a Fibre-optic Delivery System

S S Coltman and C A Greated

Chapter 24 Automated Fringe Analysis for Profilometric Mass-transfer Experiments

J J Nebrensky

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