Contents overview of Chapters 1, 2, 3 and 4 – How to Create the Inclusive Classroom

Chapter 1

National Inclusion Framework

What makes inclusion work?

Removing barriers to achievement

Every child matters

Disability, access and inclusion

Access and inclusion — SEN and Disability Act 2001

National Curriculum inclusion principles

Assessment and inclusion

Assessment, target setting and inclusion

Features of the ideal inclusive school

Features of inclusive schools

SEN in mainstream inclusion checklist

Chapter 2

Inclusive Classroom Practice

Inclusive learners' entitlement

Inclusive classroom climate

Including and empowering the pupils

Empowering the SEN pupil

Pupils' inclusive learning audit

Teachers' inclusive learning audit

Inclusive learning — teacher checklist

Learning retention

Effective inclusive learning approaches

Learning styles

The learning cycle

Accelerated learning approaches

Whole-brain learning

Left and right brain activities

Multiple intelligences for all learners

Thinking skills for all pupils

What inclusive classroom practice looks like

Ideas for promoting inclusive practice

Reducing barriers to learning and participation

How accessible is your classroom?

The Government's Strategy for SEN

Classroom strategies for including pupils with ASD

Classroom strategies for including pupils with BESD

Classroom strategies for including pupils with SLCD

Classroom strategies for including pupils with learning difficulties (MLD, Sp.LD)

Chapter 3

Inclusion Roles and Expectations

Headteacher role and expectations

SENCO role and expectations

SENCO role and inclusion

SENCO's evolving inclusion role


NQTs' roles and expectations

Teachers' roles and expectations

Teaching Assistants' roles and expectations

Effective deployment of TAs

Pupils' roles and expectations

Parents'/carers' roles and expectations

Governing body role and expectations

Outreach/external professionals' roles and expectations

Transition, SEN and inclusion

Chapter 4

Reviewing Inclusive Classroom Practice

Reviewing learning from a gender perspective

Reviewing learning from a disability perspective

Checklist for evaluating inclusion

School self-review and inclusion

Pupil review of inclusion

Inclusion review for headteachers

Inclusion review for INCO/SENCO

Inclusion review checklist for teachers (including NQTs)

Inclusion review for teaching assistants

Inclusion review for SEN/Inclusion governors

Inclusion review for parents/carers