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Part 1  Theoretical Perspectives

1.  Indian Perspectives and Positive Psychology
        Kiran Kumar K. Salagame

2.  Progress in Positive Psychology: Some Reflections from India
        Jitendra K. Singh

3.  Virtues and Well-being
        Surendra Kumar Sia

4.  Character Strengths and Health
        Amrita Yadava

5.  Happiness and Quality of Life
        Hardeep Lal Joshi

6.  An Analytical Model of Happiness
        Akbar Husain and Shahin Zehra

Part 2  Applications in Work, Health and Well-being

7.  Psychological Capital as a Catalyst to Positive Organizations
        Papri Nath and Rabindra Kumar Pradhan

8.  Positive Social Support and Flourishing Relationships
        Suvashisa Rana and Meena Hariharan

9.  Positive Work–Family Interface
        N. K. Chadha and Vandana Gambhir

10.  Mindfulness Meditation: The Essential Stress-buster in Military Life Context
          Nilanjana Sanyal

11.  Resilience: Relevance to Military Context
          Rajbir Singh and Lokesh Gupta

12.  Stress and Resilience Capacity of Students: A Burning Public Health Issue
          Sibnath Deb, Aneesh Kumar and Anjali Gireesan

13.  Applied Positive Psychology: Enabling Communities to Thrive
          Nov Rattan Sharma

14.  Positive Psychology in Suicide Prevention
          Archana, Vijay Parkash and Updesh Kumar