Contents – Technological Change and the Environment


1     Induced Technological Change and the Environment: An Introduction

Arnulf Grübler, Nebojsa Nakicenovic, and William D. Nordhaus

2     Sources of Technical Change: Induced Innovation, Evolutionary Theory, and Path Dependence

Vernon W. Ruttan

3     Induced Technical Innovation and Medical History: An Evolutionary Approach

Joel Mokyr

4     Induced Adaptive Invention/Innovation and Productivity Convergence in Developing Countries

Robert E. Evenson

5     The Induced Innovation Hypothesis and Energy-Saving Technological Change

Richard G. Newell, Adam B. Jaffe, and Robert N. Stavins

6     Inter-Firm Technology Spillover and the “Virtuous Cycle” of Photovoltaic Development in Japan

Chihiro Watanabe, Charla Griffy-Brown, Bing Zhu, and Akira Nagamatsu

7     Technological Change and Diffusion as a Learning Process

Nebojsa Nakicenovic

8     Modeling Induced Innovation in Climate-Change Policy

William D. Nordhaus

9     Optimal CO2Abatement in the Presence of Induced Technological Change

Lawrence H. Goulder and Koshy Mathai

10    Modeling Uncertainty of Induced Technological Change

Andrii Gritsevskyi and Nebojsa Nakicenovic

11    A Model of Endogenous Technological Change through Uncertain Returns on Innovation

Arnulf Grübler and Andrii Gritsevskyi

12    Modeling Induced Technological Change: An Overview

Leon E. Clarke and John P. Weyant

13    Induced Institutional Innovation

Vernon W. Ruttan

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