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Preface 1 by Pedro Nueno

Preface 2 by John A. Quelch

Foreword: Wang Jianlin’s Biography




Perseverance Breeds Success

Every person has a shot at succeeding, but in order to achieve it you need to seek out undiscovered opportunities and be innovative. Apart from that, the most important qualities are to never give up, not to be afraid of failure, to keep on learning and to keep on fighting in spite of all setbacks.

29 April, 2013 – Guest appearance on China Central Television’s “Voice”




Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way

In spite of how amazing a company appears to be, distinction does not occur after you have grown big, but at the time you have just started. The ambition to create something amazing is the kind of feeling an entrepreneur has from the very beginning, and success is not attainable without it. These genes are implanted into a company’s DNA right from the outset.

22 June, 2013 – A Speech at Huashang College




Decoding the Execution of Wanda Group

Our execution, which I believe is the strongest in China, stems from a comprehensive list of factors, such as our internal procedures, corporate culture and technological innovation. In recent years, Wanda has been widely recognized for its strong execution, having maintained an unprecedented growth of more than 30% for eight consecutive years.

12 April, 2014 – Speech at China Europe International Business School




Our Unique Competitive Edge

At the core of success lies the courage to do things nobody has ever attempted and to dream up ideas nobody has ever thought of. Innovation provides the competitive edge an organization needs to drive rapid growth.

25 April, 2012 – A speech at Tsinghua University




Wanda’s Rapid Growth

Acquisitions have always been a complicated but necessary part of a company seeking to expand globally, which is why relying solely on organic growth will only get you so far. You won't find one Fortune 500 company who made it to where they are today without acquiring businesses.

8 September, 2012 – A speech at Harvard University




Wanda’s Cultural Industry

Wanda’s cultural business will integrate a diversified array of companies together. Our cultural tourism projects combine technological, cultural, travel and commerce into one diversified cultural business.

21 March, 2014 – Shanghai Cultural Industry Development Lecture Course




Creating Smart Shopping Malls

A little more than one third of China's consumer market goes in a shopping bag. But nearly two thirds can neither be carried in a bag, nor be sold online. This is the larger market: the consumption of experiences – watching movies, dining out, entertainment and more. We have spoken of the need to create an e-commerce platform catered to such a market.

29 August, 2014 – Speech from the Strategic Cooperation Agreement Signing Ceremony for Wanda E-Commerce




Promoting Philanthropy in our

Corporate Culture Wanda ensures that funds are allocated each year for charitable donations. For the past three years we’ve set aside 400 million yuan a year towards public welfare initiatives. We encourage everyone in our company to volunteer at least once a year, ensuring the spirit of philanthropy and giving back to society remains alive throughout the company.

16 August, 2014 – Statement at the First China Charity Forum




Wanda’s Corporate Culture

We set the bar high in terms of our long-term goals and maintain extremely high expectations of everyone, ensuring each project is completed to the highest standard possible. This state of mind has ensured we are able to complete over twenty Wanda Plazas a year instead of just two.

6 February, 2012 – Speech at the opening ceremony of Wanda Institute




Wanda’s Model is Light in Assets

What is asset-light? It means that the construction of our Wanda Plaza shopping malls are funded exclusively by outside investors, leaving Wanda to handle site selection, design and construction, tenant attraction and property management.

15 April, 2015 – Speech at the Shenzhen Stock Exchange




Four Transformation Phases

Wanda underwent a mega-restructuring of its business a total of four times. The fourth restructuring was completely different from the previous three times because the company was shifting towards a service driven business model. Our strategic goals have also changed and we now aspire to a world-leading multi-national.

21 April, 2015 – Speech at the Annual Summit of Green Companies


Going Global


Going Global, the Wanda Way

Wanda has been fortunate enough to grow into a very large company, but that hasn’t stopped us from pursuing what is most important to us. We aim to build Wanda into an organization that can leverage its resources to contribute not just to our country, but to all humankind.

30 October, 2015 – An open lecture at Harvard University