Convert Images into a PDF – Mac Kung Fu, 2nd Edition

Tip 315Convert Images into a PDF

Converting an image into a PDF file is as simple as opening it in Preview and clicking Print from the File menu. Then, in the dialog box that appears, click the PDF drop-down at the bottom left and select Save As PDF.

To do the same for a whole series of images, open them in Preview by multiple-selecting them in Finder (that is, holding down Command or Shift and selecting more than one file) and then dragging them onto the Preview Dock icon. This will open the images in a drawer to the left of the window. Select all of them (click one of the thumbnail previews, and then hit Command+A), and click FilePrint. In the dialog box, click the PDF button before clicking the Save As PDF option.

To avoid pictures being rotated, uncheck the Auto Rotate box in the Print dialog box.