Create Cool Dock Stacks – Mac Kung Fu, 2nd Edition

Tip 252Create Cool Dock Stacks

Almost everything that appears under the Favorites and Devices heading in the side pane of Finder can be turned into a Dock stack for quick access. Simply drag and drop its icon from the Finder window to the stacks area of the Dock (that is, the side containing the trash). You can drag and drop Applications, Desktop, Pictures, and so on, including removable storage devices such as USB memory sticks. Turning Applications into a stack offers a quick way to start apps akin to Launchpad—see Figure 42, Turning the Applications list into a stack.

Figure 42. Turning the Applications list into a stack

Any item under the Favorites heading within Finder can also be added to the Dock by right-clicking it and selecting Add to Dock from the menu that appears.

Two items can’t be converted into a stack: AirDrop and All My Files. The latter can be added to the Dock, but clicking it simply opens a Finder window with All My Files selected.

Note that in the case of removable storage devices added as a stack, when the device isn’t attached to the computer, the Dock icon will turn into a question mark on top of a hard disk. This is only temporary, and the stack will function correctly once the memory stick is reattached.