Create iCloud Folders – Mac Kung Fu, 2nd Edition

Tip 13Create iCloud Folders

Here’s a tip that will be obvious to anybody who owns an iPad or iPhone but possibly a revelation to anybody else.

Apps that let you save files within iCloud, such as TextEdit and Preview, allow you to create folders within iCloud to help organize documents. But there’s no New Folder button. Instead, you can create a new folder by dropping one file on top of another (provided either file isn’t locked). You’ll immediately be prompted to enter a name for the new folder. Simple!

You can add new items to the folder by dragging and dropping them on top, just like in Finder. Note that you can also elastic-band select many files at once.

To delete the folder, you’ll need to empty it of all its contents by either dragging the files out or deleting them. Then the folder will vanish.

Note that there are a couple of caveats. First, iCloud folders aren’t like those on your hard disk because you can’t create another folder within them. All each folder can contain are files. Second, note that any file that’s locked (see Tip 199, Lock Files for Safety) can’t be added to an iCloud folder until it’s unlocked.