DEFYING DOOM TOOLKIT. Defying Doom: Apple – Defying doom


Step 1. What’s the Story?

Creating the Sense of Urgency — burning platform

Financial numbers of the business — trends and budget deviations

Competitor analysis and benchmarking information

Market share evolution

Five forces of competitive dynamics (Michael Porter)

SWOT analysis

The voice of the customer

Listen to the people in the front row

Vision of the future

Simple, clear description of the future

Select key decisions that are needed to unblock the freeze

Step 2. Who’s On Board?

The leader

Ready, willing (committed) and able (empowered)? To make tough decisions Power framework (Luis Huete)

Sustaining executive performance — work at the necessary energy level

Any coaching required?

Top Team

Team dynamics analysis

Build trust. Trust is a key element!

On the bus or off the bus!

Any external facilitator required?

Reaching out to engage everyone

Two-way communication plan — include social networking tools

Identify change agents and followers and engage them with diagnosis and plan

Step 3. Execution

A detailed plan but with simple and focused priorities.

Prioritize and stop doing so many things!

Make sure the plan is consistent: 7-S McKinsey Framework

Quick wins and structural projects

Dedicate time in your agendas

Set tangible KPIs

Align incentives: economic and noneconomic

Walk the talk!

Zero-base budget and not incremental

Find a common external enemy