Donation to Code Club – Build Quality In

Donation to Code Club

We are donating 70% of author royalties to Code Club - a not-for-profit organisation that runs a UK-wide network of free volunteer-led after-school coding clubs for children aged 9-11.

We passionately believe that diversity within the IT industry must improve, and efforts must start in our schools. From under-representation of women in STEM subjects to the ever-present gender imbalance, from startup sexism scandals to discriminatory recruitment practices, the IT industry is in crisis right now, and we need to invest in the next generation of IT knowledge workers to ensure these problems do not continue.

Given Leanpub’s royalty rate of 90% minus 50 cents, buying our book at the minimum price of $20.00 will result in a donation of $12.26. Buying at the suggested price of $25.00 will provide a donation of $15.40.

(90% * 20.00) - 0.5 = $17.52 total royalties (rounded up)

70% * 17.52 = $12.26 royalties to Code Club

(30% * 17.52) / 2 = $2.63 each to authors

Thank you for buying Build Quality In. As well as providing a range of in-depth Continuous Delivery and DevOps stories, your purchase will contribute to children learning to code and general skills such as problem solving and collaboration regardless of their gender or ethnicity.