Download Any File via Safari – Mac Kung Fu, 2nd Edition

Tip 267Download Any File via Safari

Downloading any file for which you have the full URL (that is, something like is easy using Safari. Highlight the link text and copy it to the clipboard (Command+C).

Then expand the pop-out Downloads window in Safari by clicking the button to the right of the Google search box (or hitting Option+Command+L). This will open the download progress window, and you can just hit Command+V to invisibly paste in the download address. The file will start downloading right away.

If you can’t see the download pop-out icon, hold Option, and click any web link on the site you’re browsing. This will download the HTML file for the page, which you can instantly delete, but the download window will now be activated and ready for use as described earlier.

This URL pasting technique works on pictures you might want to download from a website—just right-click them, select Copy Image Address, and then select the Downloads window and hit Command+V.