Epilogue – Hyper-Learning


Well, my active learners, our journey is coming to an end as far as new material and stories are concerned.

My hope is that our journey together has been a meaningful beginning or a meaningful continuance for you.

The digital age is dramatically changing how we humans live and how we work.

In the digital age, the past is no longer a reliable predictor of the future.

We humans must learn to think differently and that means learning to behave differently.

We need to learn a New Way of Being and a New Way of Working.

We need to become Hyper-Learners.

Our challenge is made harder because the science of adult learning is clear—we are suboptimal learners in that we are wired for thinking efficiently and speedily. We are prediction machines based on our past experiences. We seek confirmation of our mental models, affirmation of our egos, and cohesiveness of our existing stories about how the world works.

Nonetheless, we must learn how to create, explore, discover, and innovate.

We must excel at being emotionally and socially intelligent.

We must learn to continually update our mental models.

We must learn to overcome the two big inhibitors to learning: our egos and our fears.

We must learn to excel at collaborating with other people, and that requires us to excel at reflective listening, being open-minded, and emotionally connecting with others in ways that build trust.

In other words, each of us must TRANSFORM to become a Hyper-Learner: a person who excels at learning, unlearning, and relearning at the pace of change.

Personal transformation is hard. But with the right mindsets, the right behaviors, and the daily use of the right practices, it is achievable. Hopefully, the personal stories by Susan, Marvin, and Adam provided evidence for you of that achievability.

That is what this book has been about—inviting you to join the journey to your Best Self in the pursuit of Hyper-Learning—embracing a New Way of Being and a New Way of Working so you can excel in the advancing digital age. I tried to make that invitation real and practical for you through the active-learning approach we took.

I hope you learned that:


Hyper-Learning is dependent upon having Inner Peace and behaving in ways that enable meaningful positive human connections. And it is dependent upon a Hyper-Learning Mindset and the daily use of Hyper-Learning Behaviors and Practices.

Hyper-Learning occurs best in work environments that are very humanistic and that encourage and facilitate mindsets, behaviors, and practices designed to foster an idea meritocracy, positivity, psychological safety, and self-determination. It occurs through Caring, Trusting Teams who are able to consistently have High-Quality, Making-Meaning Conversations that result in collective flow.

I want to close by discussing the JOY that awaits you!


This is what I have experienced:

Hyper-Learners love learning!

They love the processes of learning!

They love the joy of helping others learn!

They enjoy the challenge and the results of having High-Quality, Making-Meaning Conversations.

 Hyper-Learners love:

The creation of the new and the better

The power of building on ideas

The power of “Yes, and

The power of “Say more”

The joy of getting in emotional sync with others

The joy of being oneself openly

The joy of discovery and being in a better place at the end of conversations

The joy of being part of a Caring, Trusting Team

The joy of having High-Quality, Making-Meaning Conversations

The joy of attaining collective flow with others

Hyper-Learners embrace the magnitude of their ignorance, and through Hyper-Learning Behaviors, go into the unknown, embrace new opportunities, and become agile, adaptive, iterative learners who don’t allow fear or ego to inhibit their learning.

Hyper-Learners understand that their biggest competition is themselves, and they are committed to daily rigor, self-discipline, intention, and the use of daily practices to improve themselves.

There is JOY in that process. You will feel good about yourself just by practicing the Hyper-Learning Behaviors and engaging in the practices that will make the behaviors become a habit, and you will see results at work and at home with team members, friends, loved ones, and others that you meet in passing.

I invite you to SEEK THE JOY.

I invite you to EMBRACE THE JOY.

I invite you to SHARE THE JOY.


… for sharing their journeys so openly. I hope you frequently reread their stories. Their stories will never get old and will serve as friendly reminders. They, like you and I, are human beings who are not perfect, who make mistakes, and who can always be better. What differentiates them, however, is that they have accepted all of that and invested their energies in the journey to their Best Selves, which enables them to embrace a New Way of Being and a New Way of Working and to empower their team members to do the same.


I am deeply grateful for your willingness and efforts to embrace an active-learning approach with me.

I truly hope that you will join the journey to your Best Self in order to become a Hyper-Learner.

We live in exciting and challenging times. May you have the courage to embrace those challenges with all your heart.

May you liberate your human uniqueness and find meaningful ways to flourish in this digital age.

May you achieve Inner Peace and the daily warmth of your heart connecting to other warm hearts.

May you be all that you can be in every moment and experience daily many micro-joys.

May you learn how to excel at Hyper-Learning and experience its JOY and MAGIC daily.

And may you have many meaningful relationships along with meaningful work.

From my heart to your heart, with a BIG HUG, I wish you all the best.

P.S. If you are interested in creating a Hyper-Learning community platform where you and I and other readers can share questions, challenges, and learnings and help each other on our journeys, please reach out to me on LinkedIn.