Execute in Times of Uncertainty – Surviving the Techstorm


In today’s world, there are few things that can be considered constants. There is a reason the saying about change being the only constant is quoted so often. Every major change brings us into a time of uncertainty, fear, and, at times, pure chaos. The fact that technology has advanced so rapidly in the past 50 years means that we are almost always reinventing the status quo. Today’s smartphones are faster and more powerful than top of the range computers were a mere two decades ago. It is more than the fact that we have new gadgets to play with – we have to continue to determine how to use this new technology ethically, something that is often heavily debated. Without some guiding principles in place, we only add to the chaos.92

We will look at four different key areas that will help us work through the uncertainty created by technology and by other, more traditional forms of uncertainty. These areas include leadership, innovation, organization, and sustainability. While each area can be tackled on its own, the four cannot truly be separated: in order for a business to survive periods of uncertainty, all four of these areas must be addressed.