Foreword – ASP.NET MVC 2 in Action


Every once in a while, if you are lucky, you may get to see history in the making. For me, one of those moments occurred in October of 2007. I sat on the floor of a filled to capacity conference room eagerly watching Microsoft’s Scott Guthrie unveil the preview version of what would later become Microsoft’s ASP MVC framework. What was shown that day would change this developer’s life—and many other developers’ lives—forever.

One group of people that was directly affected by this conference session were the authors of both editions of this book: ASP.NET MVC in Action. The book you hold in your hands is the product of hundreds of hours of real world experience, experimentation, and documentation of how to best use the newest version of the Microsoft ASP.NET MVC framework.

In ASP.NET MVC 2 in Action you will learn from expert users of the ASP.NET MVC framework on all subjects: Routes, Controllers, Controller Factories, View Engines, Input Builders, Validations, and Areas. Finally, you will find the diamonds and rubies sprinkled throughout this book: the tips and tricks that you can put to immediate use.

One thing I am sure of is that the second edition will suffer the same fate as my copy of the first edition. It will become a coffee-stained, dog-eared, marked-up resource that I will find invaluable in my day-to-day work with the ASP.NET MVC framework.