Foreword – Food and Drink – Good Manufacturing Practice, 7th Edition


In the United Kingdom we all depend upon the food industry, our largest manufacturing sector, to deliver high standards when it comes to food that is safe to eat, and food that is what it says it is. We all want the public to be able to trust the food they eat, at home and whilst out and about. It is the industry’s responsibility to ensure that food is safe and authentic, and to deliver and sustain strong foundations for public trust in food.

The 7th edition of the IFST Guide to Good Manufacturing Practice is an important resource for food businesses. With thorough and detailed guidance, it sets out how businesses meet their legal obligations and shows how to deliver public confidence and trust. I welcome the increased focus on food authenticity and integrity in this edition, which will help to protect businesses and consumers alike from the risks of food fraud. It is an area we at the Food Standards Agency are also focused on. We wish to extend the remit and scale of the National Food Crime Unit, working in partnership with other agencies, and we are revitalising our surveillance approach to keep pace with constant change in our national and global food system. Regulation needs to adopt new and innovative ways of delivering, and to keep refreshing the relationships between regulator and industry to succeed against new threats and challenges. This guide will help business get it right, and help us all deliver a safe, secure and trusted food sector into the future.

Heather Hancock
Chair of the Food Standards Agency