Foreword – Information Consulting


Consultants come with fresh eyes and a unique perspective, being unencumbered by the organisation’s culture, internal politics and unchallenged assumptions. That is just one of the reasons why industry, government, academic institutions and private businesses hire information consultants.

Over the years I have had the opportunity to provide information to clients that require a certain specialised expertise. Advising them diplomatically on the outcome, whether positive or negative, has always been a challenge.

One of the areas I could have used help with was expectation management. I needed a guide to measure just what to expect and how much was expected of me. This helpful guide outlines in a variety of ways just what is needed to help meet this task.

This guide has opened my eyes to a variety of ways I can manage my time more effectively and efficiently to benefit both myself and my clients. It also has demonstrated where I can improve on client relations, as well as the management of an information business.

The authors are well versed in the field of information management consultancy, touching on all aspects from starting up your business, to expanding the business, to adjusting your business during a recession.

I just wish I had had a guide like this earlier. As the old saying goes, ‘Better late than never.’

Susan Winstanley,     Transport Canada, Advisor