Foreword – Introduction to Automata Theory, Formal Languages and Computation


The subject of automata theory is an important component of computer science and engineering. Automata is known as the backbone of computer science and it is the link between digital logic and computer algorithm, it is the base of compiler design. Thus, without any hesitation I decisively believe that it is a core part of the subject of computer science and engineering.

Many books on automata theory are available and all these books have obvious attractions and drawbacks. The current book is authored by one of my beloved student, Shyamalendu. He is students’ friendly and informative. As a teacher, I believe the book by Shyamalendu will add new dimensions and flavours to the readership.

I wish to congratulate Shyamalendu for his credible academic achievement and hope to receive many more such academic outputs from him in the days to come.


Professor Chandan Tilak Bhunia
Director, National Institute of Technology
Arunachal Pradesh