Foreword – The Metadata Manual


The Metadata Manual provides readers with an excellent, concise, and practical workbook for understanding and creating metadata for digital cultural heritage collections. It introduces readers to the meaning and history of metadata, different metadata languages or schemas, and metadata quality control and interoperability. It includes in one easy-to-reference volume the names and definitions of metadata elements from the Dublin Core and VRA schemes, allowing users to work directly from this volume.

In contrast to other books on the topic, this manual especially targets support staff, volunteers, and students involved in metadata creation. It focuses on giving quick, non-technical answers to common questions, especially for beginners. Another special strength of the Manual is the inclusion of practical exercises and answers for users to work through and thereby gain practical understanding.

The Metadata Manual provides a welcome addition to the small collection of books aimed at providing working professionals, staff, and assistants with a solid foundation in the basics of metadata for digital resources and sound guidance in its application in practice.

Steven J. Miller

Senior Lecturer, School of Information Sciences,

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee