Front Matter – Modern C++ for Absolute Beginners: A Friendly Introduction to C++ Programming Language and C++11 to C++20 Standards

Slobodan Dmitrović

Modern C++ for Absolute Beginners

A Friendly Introduction to C++ Programming Language and C++11 to C++20 Standards

1st ed.
Slobodan Dmitrović
Belgrade, Serbia
ISBN 978-1-4842-6046-3e-ISBN 978-1-4842-6047-0
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To M. R., whose work is an inspiration to me.


I would like to thank my friends and fellow C++ peers who have supported me in writing this book.

I owe my gratitude to outstanding professionals at Apress for their amazing work and support during the entire writing and production process.

I am thankful to the StackOverflow and the entire C++ community for their help and feedback.

My deepest appreciation goes to S. Antonijević, Jovo Arežina, and Saša Popović for their ongoing support.

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About the Author
Slobodan Dmitrović

is a software development consultant and an author from Serbia. He specializes in C++ training, technical analysis, and software architecture. He is a highly visible member of the SE European C++ community and a StackOverflow contributor. Slobodan has gained international experience working as a software consultant in Denmark, Poland, Croatia, China, and the Philippines. Slobodan maintains a website at .

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Chinmaya Patnayak

is an embedded software developer at NVIDIA and is skilled in C++, CUDA, deep learning, Linux, and file systems. He has been a speaker and instructor for deep learning at various major technology events across India. Chinmaya holds an M.Sc. degree in physics and B.E. in electrical and electronics engineering from BITS Pilani. He has previously worked with Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) on encryption algorithms for video streams. His current interest lies in neural networks for image segmentation and applications in biomedical research and self-driving cars. Find more about him at