Get a Better Stack List – Mac Kung Fu, 2nd Edition

Tip 162Get a Better Stack List

Stacks are the spring-out displays that appear when a folder in the Dock, such as Documents, is clicked. There are three view modes that you can select by right-clicking the folder: Fan, Grid, and List.

Getting a Better List

As its name suggests, List view simply presents the files and folders in a rather dull list that you can scroll by nudging the mouse at the top and bottom of the list. To change List view to a rather more aesthetically pleasing display complete with a scrollbar that you can click and drag (see Figure 29, Hidden stack list mode (left) and the default stack list mode (right)), open a Terminal window (open Finder, select the Applications list, and then in the list of applications double-click Terminal within the Utilities folder), and type the following:

defaults write use-new-list-stack -bool TRUE;killall Dock

Figure 29. Hidden stack list mode (left) and the default stack list mode (right)

The Dock will disappear for a split second, but don’t worry—this is fine. You should be able to test the changes right away.

Tweaking the Size

You can increase or shrink the size of icons in the new look by activating the stack and then holding Command and tapping the minus and equals keys, which are on the top right of your keyboard, next to the main number row.

Reverting to Normal List Mode

To revert to the standard List view at any time, open a Terminal window, and type the following:

defaults delete use-new-list-stack;killall Dock