Glossary – Innovation in Aeronautics


This glossary concentrates on abbreviations and acronyms. It does not include coefficients used in many technical specialist applications, as these tend to be defined, with the nomenclature appropriate to the application, in individual chapters.

AAC Active aeroelastic wing

AFP Automated fiber placement

AFRL Air Force Research Laboratory

AFTI Advanced fighter technology integration

AI Artificial intelligence

AIAA American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

AMC Acceptable means of compliance (EASA)

AMP Automated material placement

APU Auxiliary power unit

AQP Advanced Qualification Programme

ARAP Aeronautical Associates of Princeton

Arinc Aeronautical Radio Inc.

ASTF Aeropropulsion systems test facility

ATA Air Transport Alliance

ATC Air traffic control

ATL Automated tape laying

ATLM Automated tape lamination machine

ATPL Air transport pilot’s licence

BCAR British Civil Airworthiness Requirements

BoK Book of knowledge

BPR By-pass ratio

BWB Blended wing body

CAFP Custom automated fiber placement

CFD Computational fluid dynamics

CFIT Controlled flight into terrain

CFRP Carbon fibre reinforced plastic

CHAP Compact hybrid actuation program

CRM Crew resource management

CRS Computerised reservation system

CRT Cathode ray tube

CS Certification specification (European Aviation Safety Agency)

CS Certification Specifications

CTC Criticality to customer

CTF Conventional turbo fan

CTLM Contoured tape laying machine

CTQ Criticality to quality

CW Custom winder

DARPA Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

DMC Direct maintenance cost

DOC Direct operating cost

EAP Electro active polymers

EASA European Aviation Safety Agency

ECS Environmental control system

EFCS Electronic flight control system

EGPWS Enhanced ground proximity warning systems

EHM Engine health monitoring

EI Emission index (mass of emission/mass of fuel burned)

ETRW Ratio of energy liberated to revenue work done

EVMS Earned value management system

F3 Form fit and function

FAA Federal Aviation Administration

FAR Federal Aviation Regulations

FBW Fly-by-wire

FCL Flat charge layer

FCS Flight control system

FFP Frequent-flier programme

FMS Flight management system

FPO Future project office

FTLM Flat tape laying machine

FW Filament winding

g Acceleration due to gravity (9.81 m/s2 or 32.2 ft/s2)

GPWS Ground proximity warning systems

HCTL High contour tape layer

HDW Heavy duty winder

HiSAC Environmentally high speed aircraft

HLFC Hybrid laminar flow control

HSCT High speed civil transport

HSR High speed research

IFSD In-flight engine shutdown

INCOSE International Council of Systems Engineering

IP Intellectual property

IPPD Integrated product and process development

IPT Integrated product team

IRR Internal rate of return

IS In situ

ISW In situ winder

IT Information technology

JSM Joint Services munition

LAI Lean aircraft initiative

LCA Large commercial aircraft

LCC Life cycle cost

LCD Liquid crystal display

LCV Lower calorific value of fuel (≈43 × 106 J/kg for kerosene)

L/D Aircraft lift to drag ratio

LED Light-emitting diode

LEV Leading edge vortex

LF Load factor (actual payload mass/maximum payload mass)

LFC Cargo load factor (actual cargo mass/maximum possible cargo mass)

LFP Passenger load factor (actual passenger number/maximum possible)

LIB Larger is better

LOFT Line orientated flight training

LOSA Line operations safety audits

MAV Micro air vehicle

MEL Minimum equipment list

MEMS Micro electro-mechanical systems

MFNC Mass of fuel carried on journey, but not consumed (reserve + tankered)

MHAFP Multi-head AFP

MHATL Multi-head ATL

MHCLP Multi-head composite lamination platform

MHTLM Multi-head tape laminating machine

MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology

ML Mass of aircraft on landing

MLP Multi-layer placement

MMALV Morphing micro air and land vehicle

MMF Mass of the mission fuel (fuel actually burned on trip)

MMP Maximum payload mass (passengers + cargo)

MMTO Maximum permitted take-off mass

MMZF Maximum zero fuel mass (maximum mass of aircraft + payload)

MNE Mixed nozzle ejector

MOE Aircraft operational empty mass (no payload and no fuel)

MP Payload mass (passengers + cargo)

MRO Maintenance repair and overhaul

MSW Multi spindle winder

MTBF Mean time between failures

MTF Mid tandem fan

MZF Zero fuel mass (mass of aircraft + payload only)

NAL National Aerospace Laboratory (Japan)

NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration

New Gen. New generation

NIB Nominal value is better

NLF Natural laminar flow

NPV Net present value

NRC Non-recurring cost

OAD Overall aircraft design

OEW Operational weight empty

OPR Overall pressure ratio

PC Personal computer

PFE Precision feed end-effecter

PNF Pilot not flying

POC Proof of concept

P&P Pick and place

psf Pounds per square foot

QSP Quiet supersonic platform

QSST Quiet supersonic transport

R Great circle distance between departure point and destination (km) RAINBOW Reduced and internally-biased oxide wafer

RC Recurring cost

RDT&E Research, design, test and evaluation

RF Radioactive forcing

RFI Resin film infusion

RFP Robotic fiber placement

ROM Rough order of magnitude

RPI Rapid process impact

RSH Right sized head

R&T Research and technology

RVM Risk-value management

RVM Risk-value matrix

SAE Society of Automotive Engineers

SAI Supersonic Aerospace International

SBJ Supersonic business jet

SBVG Sub-boundary vortex generator

SCAR Supersonic cruise aircraft research

SFTL Small flat tape layer

SGTDP Small gas turbine distributed propulsion

SLFC Supersonic laminar flow control

SMA Shape memory alloys

SMS Safety management system

SOBER Sonic boom European research

SP Special purpose

SSBD Shaped sonic boom demonstrator

SSBJ Supersonic business jet

SST Supersonic transport

SVS Synthetic vision system

TAWS Terrain awareness warning system

TC Tape cassette

TET Turbine entry temperature

THUNDER Thin layer composite uni-morph ferroelastic driver

TQM Total quality management

TSS Supersonic transport (France)

TTL Thermoplastic tape layer

UAV Unmanned air vehicle (or uninhabited aerial vehicle)

UCAV Unmanned combat air vehicle

UEET Ultra efficient engine technology

UIUC University Of Illinois At Urbana-Champaign

USAF United States Air Force

V1 Decision speed

VS Stall speed

VAPPS Vacuum assisted ply placement system

VLCC Very large container carrier

VSM Value stream map

VSMA Value stream map analysis

X Non-dimensional range (R.g/(LCV.ηo.L/D))

XWB Extra wide-body

α Mission fuel mass/take-off mass

β Mass of fuel carried, but not consumed/take-off mass

ε Fuel burned minus fuel needed for optimum cruise over same distance

η Efficiency