Introduction – Catalogs, Services and Portfolios


More ITSM initiatives are derailed by the word ‘service’ than any other term you will find. Best practices often talk about service as something that adds value to the business by helping them achieve their goals. In other words, only the business can define what an IT service is. But in most companies, only IT is involved in defining services.

IT tends to look at services from the inside-out, providing offerings to the business in IT terms consistent with the way IT is organized. It maximizes the efficiency of IT and minimizes disruptions in IT.

The business needs services offered outside-in, packaged in terms relevant to their needs and organized in ways consistent with how the business operates.

High-performing IT organizations understand this. Their goal is to be effective in leveraging business operations, as well as efficient in running their operations. To do this, they must offer views of services that are relevant and understandable to their users, as well as useable within IT.

By itself, this is not an overly complex structure. However, establishing this ITSM process, and maintaining it, depends on something that is highly complex – people’s behaviors.

Therein lays the challenge for us all.

Please remember that this story has been fictionalized. All persons, places, organizations and events appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real people, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. Any resemblance to actual places, organizations or events is entirely coincidental.