INTRODUCTION – Enterprise Architecture: A Pocket Guide


Enterprise architecture is a key competency for most large organisations of the present day. Its roots reach back some twenty years or more, in early efforts to reuse knowledge about software structure and design to assist in managing a rapid growth in the cost and complexity of IT systems in general. Compliance to a formal enterprise architecture framework is now mandatory in many government and defence contexts, and is increasingly common in other larger organisations.

For most of its history, enterprise architecture has been regarded as belonging under IT governance. At the present time the discipline is evolving once more, and extending its scope to become a literal architecture of the enterprise.

This pocket guide describes the purpose, role and value of architecture in the enterprise, and the make-up and skillsets of the architecture team in different business contexts. It explores the relationship between architecture, project management, change management and governance, and summarises the frameworks, methods, standards and toolsets currently in common use. Finally, it provides a brief outline of the typical activities and processes that are used in the development and realisation of an enterprise architecture.