Introduction – IT Outsourcing Contracts: A Legal and Practical Guide


This book provides an overview of the IT outsourcing relationship and life cycle. It is written from the perspective of the customer, and so references to ‘you’, ‘your’, ‘your organisation’, ‘the organisation’ or ‘an organisation’, are references to the customer.

The IT outsourcing process often begins with an organisation considering whether or not IT outsourcing would be of benefit (e.g. outsourcing its payroll systems, certain IT functions or its whole IT department), and then the issues which would need to be considered in order to answer this question accurately, are discussed.

If an organisation believes that an IT outsourcing deal could be of benefit, it will then need to choose a suitable supplier. The issues to consider are also set out in this book.

Having selected an IT supplier, an organisation will then need to agree key terms (including identifying and agreeing any contentious issues which are so-called deal breakers), to avoid disputes or business disruption later on.

Agreeing the IT outsourcing contract is not the end, but the start, of the IT outsourcing relationship, and this relationship will need to be managed and developed over the course of the contract. Sooner or later, the IT outsourcing arrangement will have to come to an end and so an exit plan will need to be formulated and implemented.

This life cycle needs to be fully understood by anyone involved in this kind of IT outsourcing transaction, and this book provides useful information about the life cycle.