Job Description: Distinguished Engineer – The Unicorn Project


Sponsor and cultivate a culture of technical excellence through the following activities:

  • Grow our next generation of technical leaders through mentoring, sponsorship, and formal training programs.
  • Establish and participate in cross-team guilds focused on technology areas like security, performance, site reliability.
  • Guide the creation of a governance and architecture review function that can evolve and ensure company obligations are fulfilled for years to come.
    • Review important issues that management is concerned about.
    • This function will include risk and assurance, information and e-records, and architecture.
    • Provide technical assistance to any team seeking feedback on their approach.
    • Develop measures to keep governance capabilities and their staff hands-on and relevant.
  • Be the company spokesperson to technical audiences to advance the company brand and facilitate recruiting, competing with the top technology companies for talent.
  • Oversee the architecture, design, and implementation of Shamu, the enterprise event-sourcing platform to replace Data Hub, and timeline to transition all enterprise services to use it.