Jump Around Open/Save Dialog Boxes – Mac Kung Fu, 2nd Edition

Tip 221Jump Around Open/Save Dialog Boxes

When saving new files, you are usually taken to iCloud, if you have it enabled, or to the last location where you saved a file on the disk (or the app’s default Save location if you’re using it for the first time). If you want to save the file elsewhere, it can be cumbersome navigating there.

However, if you already have a Finder window open browsing where you want to save, just click and drag the proxy icon from the Finder window to the Where drop-down list within the app’s Save As dialog box. You’ll instantly be switched to that location.

The proxy icon is the little icon in the title bar of the Finder window, to the left of the name of the folder you’re currently browsing. You’ll need to click and hold for a second before it detaches, and you can drag it away.

If you instead drop the proxy icon in the filename field, you’ll see a Go To dialog box asking you to confirm you want to switch directories. Just click the Go button.

This trick works in File Open dialog boxes, too.