Jump Start Web Performance – Jump Start Web Performance

Jump Start Web Performance

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-925836-33-2

  • Product Manager: Simon Mackie
  • Technical Editor: James Hibbard
  • English Editor: Ralph Mason
  • Cover Designer: Alex Walker

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About SiteGround

This ebook was created in collaboration with SiteGround Web Hosting. For more than 15 years, SiteGround has been providing hosting solutions with a focus on website speed and performance, top-notch security, and exceptional Customer Support service. If you have a great idea for a personal, client, or e-commerce site, SiteGround will help you start your project on the web quickly and easily. They offer a full solution, including quick domain and CMS setup, handy site management tools, and various dev features. Enjoy essential website must-haves like free CDN, Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate, free email accounts, automated daily backup, Git integration, staging tool, and many others! Learn more at siteground.com.

About Craig Buckler

Craig is a freelance developer, author, and speaker who never shuts up about the web.

He started coding in the 1980s when applications had to squeeze into a few kilobytes of RAM. His passion for the Web was ignited in the mid 1990s when 28K modems were typical and 100KB pages were considered extravagant.

Over the past decade, Craig has written 1,200 tutorials for SitePoint as web standards evolved. Despite living in a technically wondrous future, he has never forgotten what could be achieved with modest resources.