List of abbreviations – Computer-Aided Applications in Pharmaceutical Technology

List of abbreviations

ACAT Advanced CAT

ADAM Advanced Dissolution, Absorption and Metabolism

AN Adaline Networks

ADME absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion

ANDA abbreviated new drug applications

ANN artificial neural networks

ANOVA Analysis of Variance

API active pharmaceutical ingredient

AR aspect ratio

ASF absorption scale factor

AUC area under curve

BBD Box–Behnken design

BCS Biopharmaceutics Classification System

BDCCS Biopharmaceutics Drug Disposition Classification System

BE bioequivalence

BP back propagation

CA cluster analysis

CART Classification and Regression Trees

CAT Compartmental Absorption and Transit

CBZ carbamazepine

CCCD circumscribed central composite design

CCD central composite design

CCN Cascade Correlation Networks

CCP critical controlled parameters

CFC chlorofluorocarbon

CFD computational fluid dynamics

CHAID Chi-squared Automatic Interaction Detector

CI confidence intervals

CL clearance

CNN Cascading Neural Networks

CPP critical process parameters

CPPNN Compositional Pattern-producing Neural Networks

CQA critical quality attributes

CR Controlled release

CTD Common Technical Document

DEM Discrete Element Model

DNN Dynamic neural networks

DNU Dynamic Neural Unit

DoE design of experiments

DPI dry powder inhaler

DRV dried reconstituted vesicles

DS dextran sulfate

DSC differential scanning calorimetry

DSPC 1,2-distearoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine

DTZ diltiazem hydrochloride

EA [2-(diethylamino)ethyl] dextran

EANN Ensemble ANN

ED effective dose

EDNN Elman Dynamic Neural Network

EMA European Medicines Agency

ENN Elman neural network

EP European Pharmacopeia

ER extended release

FA factor analysis

FaSSIF fasted state simulated intestinal fluid

FCCD face-centered central composite design

FDA Food and Drug Association

FFC flow function coefficient

FLN Functional Link Networks

FN Feedback networks

FPD fine particle dose

FPE first pass extraction

GA genetic algorithm

GCN Gram–Chalier Networks

GI gastrointestinal

GIST GI simulation technology

GITA GI-Transit-Absorption

GLK gliclazide

GMDNN Gamma Memory Dynamic Neural Network

GP genetic programming

GRNN generalized regression neural network

HCM half-change methodology

HLB hydrophilic lipophilic balance

HN Hebb Networks

HN Hetero-associative networks

HN Hybrid Networks

HNN Hierarchical Neural Network

HNN Hopfield Neural Network

HPMC hydroxypropyl methylcellulose

ICH International Conference on Harmonization

IPA l-menthol as a penetration enhancer and isopropanol

IR immediate-release

IR infrared

IVIVC in vitro-in vivo correlation

KN Kohonen Networks

KNN K-nearest neighbors

LDA linear discriminant analysis

LOD loss on drying

LOO leave-one-out

LV latent variables

LVQ Learning Vector Quantization Networks

MAA marketing authorization applications

MAE mean absolute error

MDT mean dissolution time

MDI metered-dose inhalers

MLP multilayered perceptron

MLV multilamellar vesicle

MLR multiple linear regression

MNN Memory Neuron Networks

MNN Modular Neural Network

MRT microwave resonance technology

MSC multiplicative scatter correction

MSI multivariate spline interpolation

NDA New Drug Applications

NFM Neuro-Fuzzy Modeling

NIPALS Non-linear iterative PALS

NRI near infrared

NMP N-methyl-2-pyrrolidone

NIRS Near infrared spectroscopy

OLDNN One Layer Dynamic Neural Network

OS optimized scaling

OSC orthogonal signal correction

O/SCoS oil-to-surfactant/cosurfactant

OTC over the counter

o/w oil-in-water

PAT process analytical technology

PBPK physiologically-based PK

PC principal component

PC1 first principal component

PCA principal component analysis

PCR principle component regression

PK pharmacokinetic

PLS partial least squares

PLS-DA PLS discriminant analysis

PNN Probabilistic Neural Networks

PSA Parameter Sensitivity Analysis

QbD quality-by-design

Q-IWG quality implementation working group

QSAR quantitative structure–activity relationships

QTPP quality target product profile

RBF radial basis function

RBFNN radial basis function neural network

RMSE root mean square error

RMSEC root-mean-square error of calibration

RMSECV root-mean-square error of cross-validation

rpm revolutions per minute

SECV standard error of cross-validation

SEE sum of squared errors

SEP standard error of prediction

SGF simulated gastric fluid

SIF simulated intestinal fluid

SIMCA soft independent modeling of class analogy

SLS sodium lauryl sulfate

SMEDDS self-microemulsifying drug delivery vehicles

SNV standard normal variate

SNN Spiking Neural Networks

SOM self-organizing map

SSE sum of squared errors

SST total sum of square

SVM Support Vector Machines

TDL Tapped-Delay-Line

TIS total irritation score

TP target projection

USP United States Pharmacopoeia

VC Vapnik–Chervonenkis

VIP variable importance on projection

WHO World Health Organization

w/o water-in-oil

XR extended release