List of cases – Internet Law in China

List of cases

3.1 Huang Qi case: using the Internet to incite subversion and secession 76
3.2 Shi Tao case: using the Internet to disclose state secrets 79
3.3 Wei Dawei and Qi Benhou case: disseminating pornographic materials for profit 89
3.4 Zheng Ruihan and Liu Yinglan case: dissemination of Falun Gong materials 92
3.5 Chen Zhifeng case: fabricating terrorist information 94
3.6 Li Dingxing case: fabrication and dissemination of false acquisition information 96
3.7 Shanghai Pudong Development Bank: fabricated stock information 96
3.8 Case of Mr. Zhou v. Jinbao Electronic Publishing Center: fraudulent Internet advertising 102
3.9 Xi Hong v . People’s Daily: an early defamation case 104
3.10 Heng Sheng Group v . Wang Hong: defamation via a bulletin board 108
3.11 Stanley Tong: republication of defamatory content 109
3.12 Ginde Possession Group v. Baidu, Inc.: infringement of right to reputation 111
3.13 Li Guyi v. Radio & TV Weekly: publication of a basically false article 114
3.14 Liu Xiaoqing v. Family and Life Magazine: publication of false information 114
3.15 Xie Weiping v. Tang Guoji: a case of mistaken identity 115
3.16 Tang Chunxiang v . Huang Zhangjin: reasonable criticism is not an infringement of reputation 117
3.17 Lu You v. Huang Jianxiang: infringement of reputation 119
3.18 Letao v . Okbuy: damage to reputation constitutes unfair competition 120
3.19 Mongolian Doctors v. China International Broadcasting Publishing House: group defamation upheld by the court 122
3.20 Liu Min v . Long Yongtu: denial of a group defamation claim 122
3.21 Mr. Xiao: failure to prove damage to reputation 123
3.22 Fan Zhiyi v . the Oriental Sports Daily: news reports serving the public interest are protected by law 128
3.23 Xie Jin: actual malice in the online defamation of a public figure 129
3.24 “Rotten People Lousy Textbook”: ISP subject to tort liability 130
4.1 The Luo Caixia case: appropriation of personal name 147
4.2 Zhuo Xiaohong v . Sun Dexi and Chongqing Dairy Product Company: infringement of right of portrait 149
4.3 Zhao Benshan v. Hainan Tianya Company and Google China Company: infringement of right of portrait 151
4.4 Xue Yange v. Zhang Nan: freedom and privacy of e-mail correspondence 155
4.5 Administrative punishment for sending spam e-mail 158
4.6 Violation of right to privacy: the case of Mrs. Shi Liling 159
4.7 Infringement of privacy in cyberspace: the case of “maritime woman” 163
4.8 Infringement of privacy in cyberspace: the Edison Chen photo scandal 164
4.9 Protection of online privacy: the Qihoo 360 and Tencent QQ dispute 168
4.10 and 4.11 Two instances of abuse of human-flesh searching 171
4.12 The case of Zhou Jiugeng: a typical human-flesh searching case 172
4.13 Wang Fei v . Zhang Yile,, and China’s first human-flesh searching case 173
5.1 Beijing Ruide Co. v. Sichuan Oriental Information Services Co.: infringement on copyright of an Internet home page 196
5.2 The Wang Antao copyright infringement case 196
5.3 The Computer Business Information copyright infringement case 197
5.4 Chen Xingliang v . China Digital Library Co.: infringement of right to online dissemination of information 199
5.5 Wang Meng etc. v . Beijing Online: copyright in digitalized works 208
5.6 Liu Jingsheng v. infringement of copyright by a linking service 208
5.7 Universal Music Group etc. v. right to online dissemination not infringed by searching service 209
5.8 Shanghai Dazhong Banchang Co. v. Baidu Inc.: trademark infringement in cyberspace 220
5.9 and 5.10 Two cases of cybersquatting 225
5.11 Procter & Gamble Co. v . Beijing Tiandi Co.: the extension of trademark rights to domain names 225
5.12 E. I. Du Pont de Nemours & Co. v. Beijing Guowang Information Ltd.: protection of a well-known mark 226
5.13 Chinese enterprise names and trademark infringement 226
5.14 Shijiazhuang Fulande Co. v . Beijing Mitian Jiaye Ltd.: protecting domain name right from expansion of the scope of trademark right 227
5.15 and 5.16 Registration of similar domain names 228
5.17 Royal Canin v. Liu Weize: a dispute resolved by judicial proceedings and CNNIC 232
5.18 Citibank: applications to patent business methods 245