List of figures and tables – Public Interest and Private Rights in Social Media

List of figures and tables


1.1 You and the rest of humanity 5
1.2 Indicators of change – Middle East and North Africa 10
1.3 Web 2.0 tools in the workplace – accessibility, informality and control 13
3.1 Key to graphs 56
3.2 Accountable government/Security and fundamental rights 57
3.3 Open Government and Regulatory Enforcement/Access to Justice 58
3.4 Access to Justice: Germany and the USA 59
8.1 The continuum of transparency 134
10.1 Social media offers various ways to engage with the targeted audience for a better customer experience 155
10.2 Listening means monitoring what people say about you and what is happening on social media. The conversation about your organisation or brand happens with or without your participation 161
11.1 QR code for social media analytics book summary 185
11.2 Sales information calculated by using triangulation of social media monitoring data and open-table data 186
12.1 The relationship between trust and economic performance 206


1.1 The quick history of social media 6
3.1 Countries indexed in 2011 48
3.2 Average rankings by region 54
3.3 Germany in the WJP Rule of Law Index 55
3.4 The United Arab Emirates in the WJP Rule of Law Index 60
3.5 China in the WJP Rule of Law Index 61
8.1 Benefits and challenges of transparency via social media 139
9.1 Social media apps and their descriptions 147