LIST OF FIGURES – Working the Crowd


Figure 3.1Social media tools flowchart24
Figure 3.2Tools, their value and impact to the customer25
Figure 3.3Rusty-N-Edie’s bulletin board27
Figure 3.4Tag cloud from my blog, http://eileenbrown.wordpress.com31
Figure 5.1Craigslist classified advertising site53
Figure 5.2Tweet about the plane landing on the Hudson River56
Figure 5.3Comment on Michael Jackson dominating Twitter traffic57
Figure 6.1The tweet that upset a FedEx Employee62
Figure 6.2Where to apply Facebook privacy settings65
Figure 6.3My ‘onion layer’ approach to my privacy settings66
Figure 7.1@Dell Outlet Twitter follower growth March to June 200977
Figure 7.2Top search engines in the US from May to December 200985
Figure 8.1Twitter search97
Figure 10.1Example of a brand monitoring customer comments128