List of Tables – Jess in Action: Rule-Based Systems in Java

List of Tables

Chapter 5. Scripting Java with Jess

Table 5.1. Standard conversions from Jess types to Java types

Table 5.2. Standard conversions from Java types to Jess types

Chapter 12. Writing the PC Repair Assistant

Table 12.1. Symbols used in flowcharts

Chapter 15. Extending the Jess language

Table 15.1. Value types defined in the jess.RU class, and the methods used to retrieve each type

Chapter 16. Writing the rules

Table 16.1. Oversimplified truth table for the HVAC Controller system. Each row represents one possible current heat-pump setting; each column represents one possible temperature reading.

Table 16.2. Truth table for the HVAC Controller system, including guard lines. The two added columns represent the regions between the set point and each guard line.

Table 16.3. The truth table for vent operation when the heat pump for a floor is in cooling mode. The rows correspond to the current vent state.

Table 16.4. The recommended change to a vent for a given temperature and rate of temperature change

Chapter 18. Embedding Jess in Java applications

Table 18.1. Some simple methods in the jess.Rete class

Table 18.2. Some jess.Rete methods for working with facts

Table 18.3. jess.Rete methods for working with JavaBeans

Chapter 19. Deploying web-based applications

Table 19.1. The HTML files, JSPs, and servlets that make up the Recommendations Agent application

Chapter 20. Jess, XML, and the enterprise

Table 20.1. Acronyms used in our discussions of J2EE

Appendix B. Abridged Java API for Jess

Table B.1. Types of JessEvent. Each type is a public, static, int variable in the JessEvent class.