List of Tables – SharePoint 2010 Web Parts in Action

List of Tables

Chapter 2. Using and configuring Web Parts in SharePoint 2010

Table 2.1. The Web Parts of SharePoint Foundation

Table 2.2. SharePoint Foundation Web Parts not available in the web interface

Table 2.3. Content Rollup Web Parts in SharePoint Server 2010

Table 2.4. Filter Web Parts available in SharePoint Server 2010

Table 2.5. Navigational Web Parts for use with SharePoint Server 2010

Table 2.6. People Web Parts

Table 2.7. Search Web Parts of SharePoint Server 2010

Table 2.8. My Information Web Parts for integration with Outlook Web Access

Table 2.9. Business Data Web Parts in SharePoint Server 2010

Table 2.10. The Office Web Application Client Web Parts

Chapter 3. Building Web Parts with Visual Studio 2010

Table 3.1. All out-of-the-box SharePoint 2010 templates in Visual Studio 2010

Chapter 5. Making Web Parts customizable

Table 5.1. The order in which SharePoint selects the attributes on Web Part properties when displayed in the web interface

Table 5.2. Appearance Web Part properties

Table 5.3. Layout Web Part properties

Table 5.4. Advanced Web Part properties

Table 5.5. CSS classes used when creating custom Editor Parts

Chapter 6. Web Part resources and localization

Table 6.1. Resources can be included in a solution via numerous methods.

Chapter 7. Packaging, deployment, and security

Table 7.1. The Features are scoped to a specific level in SharePoint.

Chapter 8. Tools for troubleshooting and logging

Table 8.1. The attributes used when changing to debug mode

Chapter 12. Making Web Parts mobile

Table 12.1. Web Parts that by default can be used in mobile Web Part pages

Table 12.2. Important methods and properties in Mobile Web Part adapters

Table 12.3. Sample ASP.NET mobile controls

Table 12.4. Sample ASP.NET mobile controls

Chapter 14. Connecting Web Parts

Table 14.1. Standard connection provider interfaces

Table 14.2. Out-of-the-box filter Web Parts in SharePoint Server Enterprise 2010

Chapter 15. Building pages and dashboards

Table 15.1. Web Part Zone properties