Note to the Reader – The Unicorn Project

Note to the Reader

The Unicorn Project takes place “in the present day,” and is a companion novel to The Phoenix Project (which also takes place “in the present day”). The events from both novels take place concurrently, although certain situational elements of The Unicorn Project have been altered to account for changes in our industry.

While both books are about Parts Unlimited, The Unicorn Project was written to be a standalone book—there is absolutely no need to read or re-read The Phoenix Project first! (You may recognize some characters from The Phoenix Project—but then again, don’t worry if you don’t!)

Because the two books were written six years apart, there may be some suspension of disbelief required—for example, everyone’s awareness of the Retail Apocalypse and the use of ride-sharing (Uber, Lyft) is much higher now than it was when The Phoenix Project was written.

For those who need some concrete waypoints, the characters who appeared in The Phoenix Project are indicated as such in the cast of characters, and there is a rough timeline of the two books provided as an endnote (beware, there may be spoilers!).