Part 1. Overview of the EJB landscape – EJB 3 in Action

Part 1. Overview of the EJB landscape

This book is about EJB 3, the shiny new version of the Enterprise JavaBeans standard. The timely rebirth of EJB is made possible through innovations introduced in Java SE 5, such as metadata annotations as well as the adoption of ideas like dependency injection and object-relational mapping (ORM)-based persistence.

Chapter 1 introduces EJB as a technology. The chapter also touches on the unique strengths EJB has as a development platform and the great new features that promote productivity and ease of use. Chapter 2 provides realistic code samples and presents the ActionBazaar application, the imaginary enterprise system developed throughout the book. Chapter 2 is easily the most code-intensive chapter in the book. Our goal is to give you a feel for how EJB 3 looks as quickly and as easily as possible.

This part presents EJB 3 as a powerful and highly usable platform worth its place as the de facto standard for mission-critical enterprise development. We also offer a first glimpse into the impressive Java Persistence API, a promising technology that aims to standardize Java ORM and expand EJB 3 beyond the traditional boundaries of web-based client-server applications managed by containers.