Part 3. More Power to Your Application – Zend Framework in Action

Part 3. More Power to Your Application

Chapters 12-16 cover the components that can be used to add depth to your applications, from integrating applications with XML-RPC and REST technologies to incorporating the wide variety of public web services available using the Zend_Service components. Web services introduce network availability issues that can be significantly decreased by caching—we’ll cover this, along with the use of caching in improving overall performance.

Increasing the reach of your application will often include its international exposure, so we’ll also look at the features within Zend Framework that help translate a web site into multiple languages. Finally, we’ll round off the book by moving from web to print, using the Zend Framework components that create PDF files.

Following part 3 are three appendices.

Appendix A provides a short tour of the PHP syntax, for those coming from another language.

Appendix B describes the PHP5 object model, providing a leg up for those who have mainly programmed procedurally before using Zend Framework.

Appendix C provides tips and tricks to develop Zend Framework applications more easily.