Part 3: Summary – Party Marketing

Part 3



If Gus wanted to have a summary, and a summary that was worth the name, then that was what he would have! And it would be short and pithy, Nick decided, remembering the language teacher who used to often quote Blaise Pascal's ending to his letters: ‘PS. Sorry the letter was so long, but I didn't have time to write a shorter one. DS'.

Nick loved that sentence and thought: “Yes, that's what it's all about. Putting together a presentation that is as short and pithy as possible. Stick to the core points to make it simpler for Gus to take it in.”

Nick decided to start by writing down all the notes, memories and thoughts out by hand, and to then boil everything down into a concentrated Summary of the Party Marketing Model on the computer, point by point. Absolutely the most important thing was to show that he had understood the connections and that there were a vast amount of details that had to interact; that everything was connected and that none of the different steps in the model could be left out. He remembered another quotation that the language teacher used to throw out if someone hadn't completed an assignment: “Inarticulate thoughts lead to inarticulate writing”.

Nick felt that his marketing vocabulary had been considerably enriched during his days with Gus, but decided that he should keep it simple. So, without further ado…

This was how Nick's summary of the ten-day engagement with the Party Marketing Model turned out.

To: Gus Guse.
From: Nick Johnson.
Date: A couple of days before Midsummer Eve.