Part 4. Case studies – Tika in Action

Part 4. Case studies

Welcome to the last major section of the book. It’s hard to imagine we’ve come this far, but here we are!

You should have a fundamental understanding of Tika, its features and functionality, its methods for extension, and its placement among other leading technologies in the search space and overall information landscape.

This portion of the book focuses on one of the basic methods of human learning: by example. What better way to get more ideas of how to use Tika in your particular software application than seeing how others have done so successfully?

In chapter 12 we’ll show you how the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has been using Tika as a major component of its ground data processing system pipelines. We’ll follow that in chapter 13 by sharing our experience using Tika to help manage content with the Apache Jackrabbit content repository. Chapter 14 gives you a feel for how Tika has been used in the context of a bioinformatics data collection system at the National Cancer Institute. And we’ll wrap up the book the same way we started it: with a classic real-world case study of Tika’s use in the search engine community in chapter 15.