Part 7: Networking – 101 Ways to Find Work…And Keep Finding Work for the Rest of Your Career!


No great thing is created suddenly.

—Epictetus, Greek Sage and Stoic Philosopher (55–135)

I work with my clients to create and develop their pitch and their narrative—their “story.” Then I have them rehearse it until they can comfortably articulate it. Only then do they move to networking. After all, what's the point of networking if, when you meet someone who can potentially be of help to you, you don't know what to say?

I define networking as “making friends for the purpose of advancing your career.” Remember: Companies don't hire you; people do. Networking is about connecting with people in a way that brings benefit to both of you. People hire or refer people they know and trust. You need to develop new relationships and deepen the ones you already have.

Your audience—your market—is potential clients, employers, and people who can refer you. So, with your pitch in place, here's who you target, how you find them, and how to get them interested in who you are and what you have to sell.