Part II Planning Antipatterns – Retrospectives Antipatterns

Part II Planning Antipatterns

Team, Really? …in which the borders of the team are blurred, and the team members all help each other figure out who should attend the retrospective

Do It Yourself …in which the facilitator is wearing several hats, which is suboptimal for both the facilitator and the retrospective, and the team finds other facilitators to take over at times

Death by Postponement …in which the team is so busy with “real work” that the retrospectives are postponed again and again, and the facilitator helps the team see how valuable these retrospectives are and that they are real work

Get It Over With …in which the facilitator rushes through the retrospective in order to “waste” as little time as possible for the team, and the facilitator finally decides that to have a decent retrospective, sufficient time must be allowed for discussions

Disregard for Preparation …in which the facilitator initially misjudges how much preparation an online retrospective requires and later learns how to prepare for it wisely

Suffocating …in which team members get tired and hungry and unfocused during the retrospective, and the facilitator makes sure to feed them and give them oxygen so that they can concentrate a bit more

Curious Manager …in which a manager is curious about what happens at the retrospectives and wants to listen in on them, and the facilitator, in a nice but firm way, says no to the manager

Peek-A-Boo …in which team members will not show their faces on the video in an online retrospective, and the facilitator learns why and finds ways to make it safer for people to show their faces