Part III People Antipatterns – Retrospectives Antipatterns

Part III People Antipatterns

Disillusioned Facilitator …in which the team mocks the facilitator for using ridiculous activities, and the facilitator explains why the activities are useful

Loudmouth …in which a team member needs to hear him- or herself all the time, at everyone else’s expense, and the facilitator applies various tactics to ensure the rest of the team is heard

Silent One …in which a team member chooses to be almost completely quiet, and the facilitator applies various tactics to make sure the Silent One is heard

Negative One …in which one team member’s attitude has great negative impact on a retrospective, and the facilitator shields the other team members from the negativity

Negative Team …in which the team wants to talk only about the negative things because they think these are the only things they can learn from, and the facilitator shows them that a focus on positive aspects can be equally valuable

Lack of Trust …in which the team members do not trust each other enough to share anything of importance in the retrospective, and the facilitator helps them build that trust

Different Cultures …in which the assumptions the facilitator or the team members bring from their own culture are preventing them from seeing how the retrospective is experienced by others, and the facilitator finds ways to make them more aligned

Dead Silence …in which the team members are completely silent, often in an online retrospective, and the facilitator uses various tactics to hear their opinions despite their reluctance to participate